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Who am I?

Michael, Mike for short. I live and work in Manchester, UK as a DevOps Engineer. I practice full stack development, and take things apart for the fun of it.

What am I up to?
I recently had the joy of completing certifications for CompTIA Linux+ and LPIC-1, and enjoy applying the many skills learnt to my professional system administration. Now to relax I'm in the process of hooking up my Amazon Echo with Salesforce. I often find myself referring and contributing to tl;dr-pages.

More, por favor!

I also have a keen interest in Martial arts, and playing musical instruments like guitar, or ukelele.

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Here are some examples of the projects
I have done and things that interest me

AWS Backup Rotation Script

aws-rotate-backup was created to provide easy backups/images for multiple EC2 instances (and in different regions) and rotating the backups weekly, keeping a backup image of the instance every week for 1 month at a time.

Source (github)Presentation

Co-operative of the Year Award 2015

Smooth responsive webpage providing candidate profiles for the 2015 Co-op of the year award, hosted by Co-operatives UK


Ladybrook Valley Disctrict Scouts

Powered by Wordpress - Responsive and clean. From the project inception right through to the launch, basic user training and casual maintenance. Tailored for the group, the site was build with an agile approach.

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FVWM based window manager. Powerful yet disctraction free. Lightweight, (sort of) customisable. Encourages the user to a. Use the command line more, and b. fix what they don't like about the window manager themselves by customising the FVWM Script.


Manchester University Shotokan Karate Club - Responsive Website using HTML5, CSS3, PHP and Skel.js. The site provides basic information, methods of contact, external links, an interactive map using Google APIs, news updates and also features a Juicebox photo gallery.


Improving a corporate website and user experience

An online analysis demonstrating the power of Impress.js by creating a stunning visualisation of how Co-operatives UK could improve their current website and UX.

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Reading List

A collection for future reference, personal motivation
and hopefully a source of inspiration for others.

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